THREE out of every 

FOUR people end up

regretting not living

life true to themselves...









Could this be YOU?

Deep down,

you KNOW that you are meant for more.

Yet without purpose and direction, you feel: 
About your giftedness and contribution to life
About how pieces of your life fit together
About your direction and best path forward 
You feel unbalanced. You're missing something. And you're stuck.
We get it - we used to live there too. 
But you DON'T have to be a statistic.

We have guided hundreds

of people to discover

their direction...

...and we

can guide

you, too.


In just ONE day in a Life Strategy Session online, you gain:


We uncover truth about yourself that is consistent with your story:

  • Discover your unique giftedness and contribution to the world 
  • Understand who you really are 


We calibrate who you are in all areas of life - personal, family, career, and community:

  • Know what you are specifically good at
  • Answer why you exist with a compelling purpose and vision statement


We create traction with an action plan to leverage your giftedness and purpose:

  • Create a filtering system to know what to do next
  • Leverage coaching to support you to become your best self 


Where will you be a year from today if you continue to live with:

Imagine instead...

  • Waking up knowing your unique giftedness and being able to explain it to others
  • Understanding your greatest contribution in life and how to get there
  • Launching a plan to align your career and life so you feel both challenged and hopeful 
  • Nurturing a deep conviction to prioritize yourself and live fulfilled and energized
  • Cultivating the key relationships that really matter
  • Placing your head on your pillow each night knowing that you live each day with purpose 

This CAN be you!

Our plan is simple: schedule your personalized Life Strategy Session with a Clarivol Guide. And move confidently into your future!

Start Living Purposefully!